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Are you an adult or youth interested in developing a book? If so, register now for the self-publishing course "Basic Steps To Develop Your First Book." Book Clubs and organizations are also encouraged to register. 
***  BOOKMAKERS GROUP (3 Months)
*** JANUARY 2015!!! SIGN-UP NOW FOR THE SELF-PUBLISHING COURSE-BOOKMAKERS GROUP- 3 MONTHS OF ASSISTANCE- Begins Saturday, January 10, 2015.  Not able to participate on the weeknds?, individual classes will also be provided.
                 Teachers, counselors, youth, parents, the entire family can enjoy  
                     reading educational, inspirational books by Author Karen Ward-Wilder
Are you a student in middle or high school who is dealing with bullies, do you have anger problems, do you need encouragement to increase your self-esteem, does it seem like everyday is a struggle to go to school? read the book- "It's All About
School," by Author Karen Ward-Wilder, and put a smile on your face.  Share the book with your friends, discuss it with your parents, relax and enjoy reading it.  Do you have a kindle? You can get an e-book of "It's All About School," on Amazon Kindle.   If you do not have a kindle, you can upload Amazon Kindle on your PC .               
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