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Are you an adult or youth interested in developing a book? If so, register now for the self-publishing course "Basic Steps To Develop Your First Book." Book Clubs and organizations are also encouraged to register. 
***  BOOKMAKERS GROUP (3 Months)
*** SPECIAL OFFER- OCT 2014- First (50 People) who register for the class ("How To Get Started In Developing Your Book" by Oct. 31, 2014--For Only $9.99) will receive special offer of Buy 1 Get 1 Free- Self-Publishing (Bookmakers Group- 3 Months of Instruction-Begins in Jan. 2015!!!)
                 Teachers, counselors, youth, parents, the entire family can enjoy  
                     reading educational, inspirational books by Author Karen Ward-Wilder
Are you a student in middle or high school who is dealing with bullies, do you have anger problems, do you need encouragement to increase your self-esteem, does it seem like everyday is a struggle to go to school? read the book- "It's All About
School," by Author Karen Ward-Wilder, and put a smile on your face.  Share the book with your friends, discuss it with your parents, relax and enjoy reading it.  Do you have a kindle? You can get an e-book of "It's All About School," on Amazon Kindle.   If you do not have a kindle, you can upload Amazon Kindle on your PC .               
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